Liquid Capsule Filling Machine


Our Mission is Simple:

-Inspire Drug Innovation
-Provide Manufacturing Transparency
-Deliver The World’s Best Liquid Capsule Filling Machine
RoboLQ Lab The RoboLQ Lab Liquid Capsule filling machine is the gold standard for formulating and filling your capsule products. The RoboLQ Lab is an affordable solution to automate your capsule filling process, from separation to filling. Our easy to use RoboDose software stores ratio specific formulas, tracks machine efficiency and saves all batch information to optimize your company’s product production. Using and 8 channel dosing unit, The RoboLQ Lab carefully and accurately fills 8 capsules at a time, maximizing the number of capsules filled per hour. This simple yet powerful liquid capsule-filling machine has an output capacity of 4,000 capsules per hour and is the perfect tool to help streamline and automate your capsule production.
RoboLQ Blend Keeping your fill material in a homogeneous state can be difficult to accomplish; The RoboLQ Blend uses peristaltic technology to create a perpetual state of agitation for your fill material. This results in dosage consistency and prevents separation and sediment of your fill material. Agitation between filling cycles is accomplished by constant flow of the product, to and from the on/off bed reservoirs. The RoboLQ Blend is the perfect solution for producers who compound multiple active and inactive ingredients.
RoboLQ Thermal In many cases both raw oils and excipients may be too thick to flow through traditional capsule filling systems. The RoboLQ Thermal is a heated capsule-filling machine that reduces viscosity issues when filling extra thick oils. Our proprietary thermal convection technology produces a gentle and consistent heat throughout the machine, reducing the viscosity of your fill material and accelerating the filling process. For producers who choose to keep their product free of any carrier oils, the RoboLQ Thermal is the ideal choice to produce a flowable product.
RoboLQ Tornado Achieve true homogeneity of your fill material with RoboLQ Tornado; A magnetic forced based agitation causes the fill material to spin in its reservoir at all times while it travels through its infinity loop, even between filling cycles. Inspired by the RoboLQ Thermal model, this upgraded model is perfect for heavy powder suspensions. We highly recommend this model for alternative applications such as tincture bottle filling. ​