RoboDose Formulation software is a robust application that was built to control the RoboLQ Capsule Filling System. RoboDose makes formulation work simple. By using the built in formulation algorithm, users can create simple and complex formulas on the fly. RoboDose takes into consideration both a product’s active and inactive ingredients, to output a perfect final product. RoboDose can be used to create, execute and track the production of all your capsule products.

Control multiple RoboLQ systems with a single tablet by using the syncing feature in RoboDose. Machines at opposite ends of the world can share formulas and execute the exact same formulas at the same time. MobileDose Formulation Software is our on-the-go mobile solution for formulating, filling and data analyzing. Use a RaspberryPi device to log in to any machine in your company’s network, anywhere in the world. Track each machine’s productivity, compare the popularity of formulas across different regions, and stay connected with your team, all from a single device.

Tech transfer for formulations has never been easier. Once a formula is saved in the Formulations Database, it can be recalled and executed with one touch on any RoboLQ in a company’s network. Collaborate on recipe formulation by sharing live formulas between RoboLQs; The perfect tool for R&D and pilot scale applications,

Reordering made simple- RoboDose Formulations Software features a built in app-store for all consumable, replacement and accessory items. Purchase capsules, tips, replacement parts and upgrades, directly from your tablet for ease. Keep up to date with our latest sales and make sure to never run out of supplies with RoboDose’s e-commerce store.

Automate Inventory Tracking and Forecasting with AI. All products purchased from the RoboDose Store are logged into inventory and are automatically depleted from the unfilled inventory as the RoboLQ produces product. Assign a capsule color to a formula to track the consumption of each formula’s raw material. RoboDose will learn your consumption habits of each product and will begin to forecast necessary raw materials given a product’s popularity.

We’re here to help- Chat directly with a member from our support team directly from RoboDose. Should you encounter any sort of error while operating a RoboLQ, a user can connect directly to a live support agent. A copy of your error codes will be uploaded to the RoboLQ specialist for diagnostics and analysis. In most cases, a RoboLQ specialist can remotely troubleshoot a machine, though on-site visits are available for more extreme needs.